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GORILLA GOT ME - June 30, 2010
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Opening theme song The Gorillas - Gatecrasher
The Kinks I Gotta Move
The Kinks You Can't Win
Chuck Berry Johnny Be Good
The Renegades 13 Women
The Lewd Kill Yourself
Bad Times Your So Lewd
Problem Hair Bitch
Apache Pint Sized Punker
Thee Mortals Turn Away
The Headaches Power For Passion
Sparks Cool Places
Nick Curran & The Lowlifes Tough Lover
Freddie Bell & The Bellboys Rockin' Is My Business
The Piranhas Jilly
Triple Thick Screwdriver
Mickey Most & The Gears That's Alright
Urban Junior Girl Like You
The Darelyks Bad Trip
Side Effects I Love Crime
Sir Lord Baltimore Helium Head (I Got A Love)
The Who The Seeker
Dexter Romweber The Seeker
Jack Starr I Love My Baby
The Bruthers Bad Way To Go
Middle Class You Belong
The Avengers The Amerikan In Me
Rock n' Roll Monkey &
The Robots
Get Off Your Ass and Dance
Ty Segall Caesar
Ronnie Dawson Action Packed
Superyob Psychedelic Concetration Camp
Fast Death Fast Death
Nervous Eaters I'm A Degenerate
William Gulliver
E.F. Band Fighting For Rock n' Roll
Imaginary Icons Lucifer Rise
Comsat Angels Independence Day