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GORILLA GOT ME - July 28, 2010
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Opening theme song The Gorillas - Gatecrasher
Adam & The Ants Stand and Deliver
The Models Freeze
Spider Back To The Wall
Arlie Miller Lou Ann
Mmoss Hedge Creeper
The Sussed I've Got Me Parka
Silverhead Hello New York
Death Freakin' Out
The Gories Stranded
? and The Mysterians 96 Lagrimas
Eddie Kirkland I Must've Done
Something Wrong
Geza X Isotope Soap
Giuda Back Home
Channel 3 You Make Me Feel Cheap
The FU's Unite or Loose
Tunnel of Love Eileen
The Avengers Car Crash
Coffin Lids Non Come Close
Jet Set For You
Creation Makin' Time
Television Personalities Makin' Time
VON LMO Outside of Time
The Polecats Cat O' Nine Tales
Doppler Effect Time Is Running Out
Ning Machine
Perry Como Glendora
Kermit's Finger Sound of My Two Fingers
Mente Beer Belly
Freeways I'll Take It
Bare Wires Dancing On A Dime
Dirty Looks Let Go
Reports Quarters
Dave Gardner Mad Witch
Ethel The Frog Fight Back
Ennio Morricone The Good, The Bad and The Ugly