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Gorilla Got Me - January 20, 2010
Opening theme song The Gorillas - Gatecrasher
Judas Priest Hot Rockin'
Kaos Top Secret
Beat Merchants Pretty Face
Mustard Good Time Comin'
Stif Cremo People Like You
Fallen Leaves Sylvie Says
King Automatic Moodswings
Bad Times Over You
Final Solutions In A Coma
Nervous Patterns In A Perfect Land
Jay Reatard Hammer I Miss You
The Reatards Pretty Baby
Lost Sounds Throw Away
The Dogs Algomania
The Konks My Head
The Vores Amateur Surgeon
Michele Polnareff Le Roi Des Fourmis
Edgar Broughton Band Superchip: The Final Solution
Jay Allen &
The Archcriminals
Toaster Oven
David Bowie Queen Bitch
Eater Queen Bitch
Elton Motello Victim of Time
Carl Smith Hey Joe
Mogen David &
The Grapes of Wrath
Little Girl Done
Patrik Fitzgerald Optimism/Reject
P.I.L. Low Life
Social Cirkle Under Suspicion
Redd Kross Burn Out
Bombsquad Larry Good Things Come
King Khan & BBQ Show Lonely Boy
Tommy James & The Shondells Say I Am
Raw Deal Out Above The Rest
Bamboo Kids She Got Off
Magic Plants I'm A Nothing
Tight Finks She's A Heartbreaker
Sir Rich & The Spanking Club Rock n' Roll Molly