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Gorilla Got Me - January 13, 2010
Opening theme song The Gorillas - Gatecrasher
Gary Glitter Hello, Hello, I'm
Back Again
Girlschool Back For More
Slaughter & The Dogs Come On Back
Holocaust Come On Back
Hawkwind Back On The Streets
Franklin Thomason &
The Hi-Rollers
'Till She Returns
X Back To The Base
The Kinks Do It Again (Back Where We Started)
Cosmic Psychos Back In Town
The Konks Nerves
Peter & The Test
Tube Babies
The Ramones I Don't Want To Walk Around With You
The Rattlers Let's Move
The Rings Automobile
The Fanatics I Can't Believe
Luis & The Wildfires Dance In The Rain
The Swampies Tainted Love
Figures of Light It's Lame
Frank Booth's Car Frank Booth's Car
Regulations My Circle
Victims Take It As It Comes
Freddie Cannon Tallahasee Lassie
Los Locos del Ritmo Tallahasee Lassie
Rich Kids Put You In The Pictures
The Fast Boys Will Be Boys
The Illusions City of People
The Shirks Dangerous
Anvil Heat Sink
Birthday Party Swampland
The Pirates You Don't Own Me
Stratford Survivors It's Not Enough
The Bankrobbers On My Mind
Ore Your Time Will Come
Bare Wires I Lie Awake
Stranglehold 'Cause I'm Gonna
The Rats Headin' Back