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 Clueless Clubhouse - January 18, 2003   
Rolling Stones Stary Cat Blues Beggars Banquet London
Cherry Valance Turn It Up V/A: Estrus Double Dynamite Vol. 3 Estrus
Cool Jerks Let It Go And Rock Cleaned A lot Of Plates Sympathy
Fun Things (I Ain't Got ) Time For Love Murder Punk Vol. 2 Murder Punk Inc.
The Mullens Don't Come Back The Mullens Get Hip
The Gories Telepathic Outta Here Crypt
New Bomb Turks Pretty Lightning The Night Before The Day The Earth Stood Still Gearhead
Dan Melchoir's Broke Revue Semi Famous People Bitternes, Spite, Rage And Scorn In The Red
Les Baton Rouge Slut Machine Woman Non-Stop Elevator Music
Tampoffs All The Time Tampoffs Shoe Up
Celebate Rifles Back In The Red Mina Mina Mina What Goes On
The Vibrators She's Bringing You Down Pure Mania Columbia
Peter & The Test Tube Babies Transvestite Pissed and Proud Get Back
Johnny Thunders As Tears Go By Play With Fire Receiver
Flesheaters See You In The Boneyard Destroyed By Fire Fan Club
The Damned Melody Lee Machine Gun Etiquette Ace Ltd.
The Saints Erotic Neurotic I'm Stranded EMI
The Dils Blow Up V/A: Rat Music For Rat People1976-1978 CD Presents Ltd.
Baseball Furies Arch Enemy Greater Than You Big Neck
Rocky & The Riddlers Flash & Crash V/A: Back From The Grave Vol. 2 Crypt
Lords Of Altamont Too Old To Die To Hell With The Lords Of Altamont Sympathy
Sons Of Hercules Grow Up Get Lost Get Hip
Dead Moon Sabatage Trash And Burn Empty
The Burning Brides Glass Slipper Fall Of The Plastic Empire V2
The Hard Feelings Swagger You Don't Like It, Cuz It's Rock N' Roll Beer Land
Street Walkin Cheetahs Little Tokyo Overdrive Alive
Soledad Brothers Gimme Back My Wig Apecrap Rock Sampler Estrus
King Brothers Nori Nori Tengoku King Brothers In The Red
Triple Thick She Looked Real Good Half Bad Leisure King
Iron Maiden Woman In Uniform Special Live EP Emi
The Cynics I've Got Time Living Is The Best Revenge Get Hip
The Hunches Static Disaster The Hunches In The Red
Les Sexereenos We Gonna Ball 7" Corduroy
Bell Rays Snake City Grand Fury Uppercut