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Clueless Clubhouse - November 23, 2002   
Teengenerate Let's Get Hurt Get Action Crypt
Tampoffs Cry Baby Tampoffs Shoe Up
The Diodes Death In The Suburbs The Diodes Columbia
The Rude Kids Absolute Ruler V/A: Killed By Death Vol. 2 Redrum
The Adverts Great British Mistake The Wonders Don't Care-BBC Sessions Get Back
The Parkinsons Primitive Long Way To Nowhere Elevator
Wreckless Eric Whole Wide World Greatest Stiffs Metro
Hasil Adkins Cat Walk Baby Out To Hunch Norton
3-D Invisibles They Won't Stay Dead 3-D Invisibles Neurotic Bop
The Readymen Shortnin' Bread V/A: Desperate Rock N' Roll Vol. 1 Flame
The Other Half Mr. Pharmacist V/A: Mayhem & Psychosis Vol. 2 Roxy
The Victims I'm Flipped Out Over You All Loud On The Western Front Timberyard
Spitzz I'm Not Alive 7" Tario
Clone Defects Cheap Livin' Blood On Jupiter Superior Sounds
Electric Frankenstein Savage Rock N' Roll Monster Au Go-Go
Devil Dogs Back In The City V/A: Crypt Cheapo Sampler Crypt
Johnny Thunders Like A Rolling Stone Born Too Loose Jungle
Joan Jett Don't Abuse Me Bad Reputation Boardwalk
Bobbyteens I'm Alright Not So Sweet Estrus
Girlschool Race With The Devil Demoliton Bronze
Toilet Boys Space Truckin' 7" Cold Front
Detroit Cobras Boss Lady Life, Life And Leaving Sympathy
Armitage Shanks Far From Boring Shanks Pony Damaged Goods
Jesse Hector & The Gatecrashers It's You 7" Rockin' House
Royal Flairs Suicide V/A: Back From The Grave Vol. 2 Crypt
The Bags Try It Rock Starve Roadrunner
The Bastards Loser You Didn't Give A Damn About The Exploding Man…. Glitterhouse
Motorhead Vibrator Motorhead Chiswick
The Dictators Two Tub Man Go Girl Crazy Epic
The Lunachicks Born 2B Mild Babysitters On Acid Blast First
Pussy Galore Ventilator Blues Corpse Love Caroline
The Lurkers Ooh Ooh I Love You Punk Singles Captain Oi
The Registrators Pogo Pogo 7" Rip Off